Amanda believes we can work harder to build bridges into the legal profession and Texas judiciary for underrepresented groups. In so doing, she proposes a broad range of outreach programs that will cultivate a potential love of the law and a sense of belonging.   

Amanda observed in her work with DISD elementary schools that many students, like Amanda at that age, had never met an attorney. If elected, she is committed to expanding outreach efforts like DISD Career Days. Amanda would ask attorneys to adopt our elementary schools by visiting with students several times a year to talk about college and the legal profession so that our elementary students can see their path forward to the legal profession. 

Next, she would strive to empower underrepresented first year law students by encouraging them to apply for clerkships in her court. The clerkship would focus on improving the technical skills necessary to advocate for clients as well as the soft skills required to have a successful legal practice.   

Lastly, she would establish professional development opportunities for young lawyers by requesting that young lawyers argue motions before her court that they drafted or had a substantial role in drafting, and would welcome a senior lawyer to participate in the hearing to ensure all litigants have access to a fair and just process. Amanda is aware that young lawyers in the legal profession in this country, and within Dallas County, better reflect the diversity of our community. Amanda believes that by giving young lawyers the opportunity to prove themselves through courtroom experience, we can create advancement opportunities within the legal profession for everyone and achieve a more robust and diverse legal community at all levels in Dallas County.   

Amanda will ensure every person, regardless of gender, religion, race, wealth, sexual orientation, or political affiliation, has access a fair and impartial judicial process.